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"Your blood cells are a living roadmap"



You may have heard of Functional Medicine and not been quite sure what it means, or understand what a doctor of Functional Medicine does. After all, surely all medicine is functional? That's true, up to a point. But Functional Medicine practitioners pick up where conventional medicine can often let us down.


Conventional medicine is great for acute care, accidents, trauma, infection, and emergencies. But sometimes not so good with every day, or chronic, illnesses especially those that reflect systemic problems such as allergies, digestive, metabolic and hormonal conditions. And with chronic illness accounting for 86% of healthcare costs in 2020 (and growing), we may want a different approach.


Enter Functional Medicine, which emphasizes the whole person. A Functional Medicine practitioner will look at you not just as a bundle of symptoms, a disease, or a puzzle to be solved. They will examine you as a unique individual with a unique set of circumstances and work out an appropriate individualized treatment plan for you. - Dr. Hicks

Dr. Hicks looks at the body as a whole through blood work. He does a full and extensive lab panel that looks between the lines and gives him a comprehensive overview of your health.


Once he gets the results, we will schedule an appointment for him to discuss your lab results and he will recommend a plan according to your results.


Our Functional Medicine Plans rage from 1 months to 6 months and are assembled  uniquely according to the results of your blood work. Blood doesn't lie.

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